Quickie Tipster : Silhouette


Sometimes we want to reveal our mysterious side by keeping our fellow Lomographers puzzled – what objects did we take? Why not try this easy but very nice and interesting basic tips that is silhouette? The dark object against strong bright background , that is something mysterious and fun

From its original graphic meaning, the term “silhouette” has been extended to describe the sight or representation of a person, object or scene that is backlit, and appears dark against a lighter background. (Quoted from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silhouette). Silhouette is one of the most interesting topic in photography as our eyes will be pointed straight away to the subject of that photo. Actually it’s very easy to do slihouette using your toy camera. There are two way to obtain silhouette. First by shooting facing the sun and second, shooting in a dark place and there’s only one source of light.

1) Placing the sun behind your object

Just simply shoot facing the sun. The best way is to move your angle of shooting until the sun is behind your subject. Then shoot straight away. After you develop your film , you’ll obtain a very interesting result. You can see that your object becomes dark image and the background looks bright and simple.

Credits: analogmonolog

2) Shoot in a dark place

This one is bit complicated and the best way to obtain silhouette in such place is by using camera that have lightmeter such as LC-A etc. Make sure you are in a dark place and you’re object is located in front of the light source. Click the shutter button until you hear the second shutter sound that indicates the camera already captured enough light. You’ll get interesting result like these :

Credits: analogmonolog

I hope you have fun shooting. If you have ideas to share with me regarding silhouette please do leave your ideas in the comment box.


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    yeahhhhh!!! nice lah

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    I love that last shot of the man in the cave!

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    this is superb!

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    Like the quote. :)

  8. ariannapaloma
    ariannapaloma ·

    i love silhouettes! i also have an album. here you are the link if you want to have a look ;) www.lomography.com/homes/ariannapaloma/albums/1744295-try-t…

  9. analogmonolog
    analogmonolog ·

    thanks a lot everyone.. Great sharing @ariannapaloma.. Love that album :)

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    great article!

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    very simple and very cool

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