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She is my fiancée and soon to be wife; she is my daily inspiration and the apple of my eye. We are friends and lovers. I met her 7 years ago at Multimedia University. We were friends back then and now we’ve officially been a couple for 1 and half years. Fellow lomographers, meet my fiancée and source of inspiration, Reem Shakira Aziz from Malaysia.

Credits: amirulshahrom

Hello, I’m Amirul Shahrom and I’ve been passionate about Lomography since January 2010. It all started from the day my fiancée showed me a small plastic toy camera, black in color, very light and fragile. It was a Holga 135BC the legendary toy camera with strong vignettes and light leaks. Now, here I am, writing about my source of inspiration. She never fails to encourage me everyday to do what I love the most and to be better everyday. She is also a Lomographer. Everyone, meet my fiancée, Reem Shakira Aziz.

Before I start, why don’t we take a look at the lomographs she took? Most of them are in 120 format because she prefers medium format over 35mm format.

Credits: amirulshahrom

Last year, 2010 early January, she showed me Holga 135BC and what it can produce. Since then, I have been hooked on Lomography and of course I’m crazy about Lomographic cameras as well. She bought me my first analogue camera, the Smena 8M, a great camera indeed for a beginner like me. Since then, during the weekends, we find interesting places to go to and shoot some photos.

We share the same passion, however we are different. We are both creative designers, we shared the same passion, but our style is different from each other. She loves pretty things, pastel colors, loves baking cakes, and is lately passionate about wedding decorations; unlike me, I love abstract things, love art paper, don’t really like loud music and sadly said, before I met her, my life was quite boring.

Since last year, I’ve been active in the Lomographic community. I wrote some articles and and have won some competitions. I’ve bought a lot of cameras from Lomography; thank you for all the piggies! Since we are crazy about Lomography, we bought a lot of cameras and on our shelf now, we have like 15 cameras already.

On June 18th, we got engaged and she gave me my dream camera, the Lomo LC-A+. In return, I gave her a Diana Multi Pinhole and she got herself her dream camera as well, the Lubitel 166B. Since we got our dream cameras, our films run out fast lately. We consume at least 4 rolls a week!

Credits: amirulshahrom

I want to share with the community that she was the one who introduced me to the world of Lomography. I started this all because of her and she is my source of inspiration and happiness. I don’t really know how to tell stories, so, I hope you enjoyed reading it. How about giving her a huge welcome here?

Credits: amirulshahrom

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  1. yein
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    heppy wedding guys!

  2. yein
    yein ·

    heppy wedding guys!

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    @yein Thank you : )

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    Such a sweet tribute! :D

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    Lovely article and photos! Congratulations!

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    so wonderful! happy for you guys!

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    i hope i'll have a fiance like u ;) kehkeh

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