Aquapix: Cheap eBay gem, Perfect Summer Camera


A review of the inexpensive and super charming Aquapix underwater camera. This camera is a 35mm film camera with a 28mm lens that can be purchased off eBay, and is perfect for summer travels and capturing moments with family and friends in those long, dreamy sun-soaked days! :)

The Aquapix is a cheap 35mm film camera with a 28mm lens and underwater casing. It’s plastic fantastic, in the Lomography tradition, but the LOMO at the front of the eBay listing name is purely there to attract fans of lo-fi cameras. I got my pink and white Aquapix for less than $10 AUD, and prices vary from about $7~13 AUD depending on which colour you choose. They have a whole rainbow selection to choose from, and I really like the yellow/blue combo because it reminds of Flounder from The Little Mermaid! No idea why I bought the pink one instead.

This camera produces dreamy pictures with that classic film feel, but you have to keep in mind that it is cheap. So take it underwater, carry it around on your summer travels and it’ll take the wear and tear of it all, and don’t be too upset if it breaks or functions strangely. Mine, for instance, has a faulty advance knob, so I had to emerge from the water, take the camera out of the casing and advance the film before placing it back underwater. Yes, such a hassle. The underwater casing works like a charm though, it locks the camera in like one of those plastic lunch boxes, and not a drop of water gets through while it’s closed!

I took this camera with me on a weekend road trip/resort holiday to Port Stevens last summer, and used it for a test roll with Kodak 400 film (24 exp). The plastic casing got a little scratched and misty along the way, but that only made the photos have a dreamier look to them, which I absolutely love. My friends and I got giggly like schoolgirls making bubbles and trying to attempt weird poses underwater, but failing miserably (I’ve only posted the more ‘normal’ ones here).

Some of the photos have weird burns and light leaks because I didn’t advance the film properly, like in the one above. Others have weird cropping because I just randomly pointed the camera anywhere from any distance, like the one below. But the charm is in its simplicity, I think. It really does capture the fun, light hearted atmosphere of summer getaways, and I really liked that I didn’t have to worry about breaking it or losing it (or even more unlikely, getting it stolen).

Can’t wait until summer comes so I can take this baby out to the beach (though because I’m going on exchange to Beijing soon, I don’t know how likely this is – does Beijing even have beaches?). If you’re planning on travelling or simply want to capture the Kodak-worthy moments of your summer, then I really recommend getting one of these cameras. They’ll produce whimsical, hazy photos that preserve those sultry hot, sun-soaked magical days of your holiday.

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  1. slumbrnghok
    slumbrnghok ·

    I want two of these (need a back up in case the first one breaks)! You should put up the weird pics. Sure they'll be fun :P

  2. chypreamber
    chypreamber ·

    @slumbrnghok - yeah haha I'm thinking of buying another one as well just because the colour combinations are so fun! :D As for the weird pics..... maybe when I'm in a braver mood ;)

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