May's Fair

Our carousel of life has to be fun, lively, and full of color. It is the May Fair that brings color to the city of Leiria, every May, every year. Tradition is to bring the rain back. If there is no rain then there is the real fair.

So many rides, so much music, so much color, so many stalls selling, so many people, so much joy. It’s that event that promises to overthrow the stress and sadness of my countrymen. The May Fair can not cease to exist, we depend upon it to satisfy our desire to laugh and our stomachs too. Well, it’s obviously that we don’t find carousels only. Among many other things we found several huts fritters, sweet and high-calorie fried in oil and dipped in sugar – very addictive! These fritters are a classic tradition. It’s time to relive the moments of adolescence and to meet our favorite “carousel” which cause us more adrenaline. There will be some minutes of revival, adrenaline, fear and laughter, double laughter. I advise taking the Kangaroo carousel and other big and green rides which leaves us turned upside down for about 100 feet tall. Enjoy!

written by sprofishgel on 2011-09-06 #places #people #food #fun #fair #carousel #tradition #location #urban-adventures #leiria

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