Aircraft Park

“My aeroplane, my aeroplane, my aeroplane”. Never dreamed of having a plane?! Well, in my city, we are all proud to have one just for us, always parked there waiting to inspire dreams of flying.

Near Leiria, my hometown, there is an air base that has accustomed us to see the planes right over there in their usual trips. Such observations left us all curious as a child to stand next to a plane. Therefore, and contrary to what we’re used to see, this time the aircraft is always parked in the city center. Aircraft Park, as it is known, is home to this mythical plane that continues to delight kids and adults alike.

There is nothing special, it’s not an F-16 but it’s our plane and it is there for us. It’s located in a cute and cool park that follows the line of the river Liz. This park is part of entertainment for young people as evidenced by the amusement park games and some optical illusion games. And as it is a Portuguese town, we have another terrace to refresh ourselves.

Let there be joy, desire to wander, and dream. If it exists, then move to the Aircraft Park where you can imagine breaking through the skies of the world.

written by sprofishgel on 2011-08-26 #places #park #river #fun #aircraft #family #plane #location #urban-adventures #select-type-of-location #fesh

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