Beatiful Abbeys Park!

Put together sports, trees, grass, culture, entertainment, learning, and knowledge; shake well and voilá, you´ll have at your disposal the beautiful Abbeys Park in Figueira da Foz. Come meet the urban green lung of the city.

It’s no secret that quality of life means having and enjoying good health, sports, leisure, entertainment, nature and culture. Although sometimes, being able to combine all these features can be quite tricky. Thankfully, the Abbeys Park did it. It is a large green park that comes with a small water line. Set among a row of buildings and residential buildings on one side with a center for entertainment and museum on the other, this place promotes beautiful and unforgettable moments of pleasure.

To begin, an extensive lawn is where you can easily find couples, families or large groups of children in their picnics. Trees, shrubs, garden benches and a small water course complete this view. Now here’s the “sports aspect”, throughout the park (and around), you can find a jogging track with the support and maintenance of machines where you can do some push-ups. And apart from all these, a beautiful staircase gives you a warm welcome to the city’s cultural heart, CAE, an entertainment center where you can easily find exhibitions, concerts and theaters. Oh, I almost forgot, there’s also the Municipal Museum which has a rich archaeological collection.

Are there more reasons to visit this site? Well, if you’re asking if there will ever be any boring moments here, I think not!

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