Rodrigues Lobo Square: Heart of the City

A place, a center. Are you missing a place that looks like your second home? Missing that place where you can find all your friends unplanned? I’m fortunate to have such a place so I feel like such a lucky guy!

The heart of Leiria is characterized by a beautiful square, the Rodrigues Lobo Square named after a poet born in Leiria. Small in size, big in life! It’s where we go when we want to have lunch or when we want to spend time with family and friends. This square is surrounded by cafes, bars, and restaurants with very different styles for different personalities.

Day and night animation is guaranteed! We can find bars and cafes that are based on the privacy of individuals and where they can have a conversation in a quiet location. On the other hand, the square offers us a wide range of terraces where you can find longtime friends as we are served with a beer and a sandwich of salmon or curd (nhammm). We can also find more relaxed bars where we can take our guitars and play in the bar. Everywhere, it is obligatory to laugh, laugh, LAUGH. It is the meeting point of Leiria par excellence, a square guarded by the great and beautiful Castle of Leiria.

written by sprofishgel on 2011-08-24 #places #food #fun #castle #drinking #square #center #location #urban-adventures #leiria

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