Dublin, An Explosion of Art


Want to see a city filled with art and colourful people? Then you really must go to Dublin. It’s an mix of colours, art and music. A must see for everyone.

I’ve never been a fan of big cities. Too crowded and there are people everywhere. It’s really hard to find the space to breathe. But then I went to Dublin and there’s art everywhere! Really. I was blown away by all the street artists, the music, and the colours. I have never seen anything like it.

In one street there are so many artists. People making sand sculptures, living statues, someone blowing bubbles, music. Everything you can imagine. The city is alive and buzzing with art. Just walking around and looking at all those people will make you feel happy.

written by luthien on 2011-08-21 #places #location #select-type-of-location #art-and-culture #dublin-art-ireland-muic-sandsculptures-living-statues-blowing-bubbles-music-street


  1. damacelta
    damacelta ·

    I love Dublin! Beautiful photo!

  2. crismiranda
    crismiranda ·

    Nice article!

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