Paradise that is Anawangin


Popular among beachgoers, mountaineers, and outdoor adventurists, Anawangin promises to be a wild yet relaxing escape from toxic urban life.

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Located within the geopolitical boundaries of San Antonio, the famed Anawangin is the nearest cove to the town of Pundaquit. From Manila, it will take a 6-hour bus ride and then a 30-minute boat ride from Pundaquit (the latter subject to the tranquility of the South China Sea and whether boatmen will brave the sometimes turbulent waves).

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The property is owned by a local family in Pundaquit whose members and relatives maintain the cleanliness and order in the campsite including provision and maintenance of a few roofless but decent toilets and water pumps.

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Anawangin is no fine white sand beach like Boracay or Ipanema. In fact, it is more gray sand that makes the waters a bit turbid when the waves are harsh. But what makes it stand out is it being unspoilt by too much commercial tourism.

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Don’t expect comfort. There are no resort hotels here, not even a hostel or dormitory. Visitors pitch their tent and camp out usually in the evergreen forest cover near the shore. The place can be overcrowded during summer months and many people say it’s best visited in February. There isn’t a grocery store but the family that guards the place would have a few supplies – literally, a few supplies. Better procure everything (especially food and drinks) before coming to Anawangin.

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Surrounded by mountains of rocks due to ages of volcanic activities, visitors may be surprised to see the growth of pine trees just behind the banks of the cove. This phenomenon must have happened as a result of the Mt. Pinatubo eruption that could be accountable for dispersing pine seeds together with the ash fall. A small stream flowing out to the sea is located a few steps behind the forest. This stream dries up to a shallow pond in summer.

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Time runs quite slow while in Anawangin. But don’t worry. You will never run out of things to do to enjoy the place like swimming, boating, bonfire, trekking, climbing, skimboarding, frisbee, volleyball, etc. Anawangin adventure is communing with nature.

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    crystal clear water, really wanted to have a vacation at the place like this!

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