Mini-Movies with a Spin


Mini movies are a great way to create animations. But why not take the opportunity to use this functionality to make your spinner 360 pics a round-and-round movie?

The pics made with the Spinner 360 are the ideal way to create a movie that simulates the 360 degrees motion around the landscape and because they reproduce a real 360° view, the move can be really become a seamless animation as you see in the following link Click on “mini-movie” and have a look at the 360 degree experience!

To create the movie just click on Create mini-movie on a spinner 360 shot and start creating frames moving on the left the image by one third of the frame in order to get a soft animation.

For my mini-movie I created a 30 frames animation.

Have a try and enjoy!


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    Tu sei un mito!

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    Grazie :-) troppo buono :-)

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