A Stroll Along Dumaguete's Rizal Boulevard


The simple beauty of the boulevard in Dumaguete is truly captivating that one who visits will just keep coming back.

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Named after the Philippines’ National Hero, Rizal Boulevard is one of the remarkable historical sites of the charming coastal city of Dumaguete. According to historical accounts, Dr. Jose Rizal made a brief visit and stroll along this boulevard before his exile in Dapitan following suspicion by the Spanish authorities of instigating a revolution through his seditious writings.

Credits: lakandula

A brief 15-minute ride from the airport, the strip is a hub for commerce and tourism. Here you can find hotels like Bethel Guest House, Honeycomb Tourist Inn, and La Residencia Almar; restaurants like Shakey’s Pizza, Le Chalet, Mamia’s, Chin Long, Don Atilano, and Coco Amigo; and commercial establishments like Globe Telecom, Bank of Commerce, and Development Bank of the Philippines as well as small businesses that open in the late afternoon up to nighttime selling fried food and soda to strollers.

Credits: lakandula

Day and night you will see people just passing time here, enjoying the sea breeze, taking pictures, jogging, walking, waiting for sunrise or sunset, reading books, meeting friends or lovers over fried squid balls or kikiam in what locals call ‘tempurahan’. Simple happiness abounds in the boulevard.

Credits: lakandula

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