World of Vignettes: Enter the Analogue

A normal boy who is very much in love with his analogue lifestyle. What inspires him to take an analogue adventure? Why did he take up Lomography? Why is he very keen to share his experience? Continue reading and these questions will be answered.

A few years ago, the first time I fell in love with Lomography was when I saw a beautiful black and white picture of a famous skyscraper in Malaysia called the Petronas Twin Tower. The first thing that caught my eyes was the vignettes. That was the reason I decided to enter the analogue world. My first camera was Diana F+ El Toro. The main reason I took up medium format cameras is because I want to experience the awesome vignettes hands on. Everytime I see my own vignette pictures that I snapped, I want to feel in love again as how I felt a few years ago when I saw the Petronas Twin Tower photo. And now, I have my very own picture of that skyscraper in my collection which I took several months ago.

I prefer to set my Diana to a no frame setting and a 12-frame format which I believe that the pictures will turn out to be a larger square format, great with awesome vignettes. Nevertheless, I have tried the 16-frame format with the small square 42mmx42mm frame and the pictures are awesome too. Also, I have tried my Diana F+ with the 35mm Back+ but obviously there wont be any vignettes as the pictures are a bit zoomed and it cuts of the four edges of the picture. Though I am satisfied with the pictures taken on a 35mm back, I am still hungry for more daring vignettes.

Vignettes are always awesome with Black and White Films which I reckon and I am yet to try the slide films on this medium format camera. I am very much in love with my camera right now because I am sure that it promises a whole new experience and a lot of cool black corners which is the vignette. Now, are you ready to for the picture? You may now ENTER THE ANALOGUE WORLD OF VIGNETTES.

The Diana F+ El Toro was crafted to celebrate the Diana World Tour in Spain. Coated in fiery red, this special edition camera has the same capabilities as the original Diana F+. See it with the rest of the Diana Clones here!

written by greythwadeyasu on 2011-08-10 #lifestyle #medium-format #black-and-white #vignette #lomography #diana #analogue-lifestyle

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