Unidentified Flashing Object With the Diana Instant Back


Light your diana instant back shots in a new and creative way! Instead of shooting light at your subject, get your model to shoot light at herself.

Remember how, when you were little, holding a torchlight at the base of your chin made telling creepy stories even spookier? Get creepy, eerie lighting on your instant shots with weird and whacky shadows.

What you will need:
(note: i did this with my Diana Instant Back+, but it can really be done with any camera that has a bulb mode.)

1. Firstly, you have to select a backdrop for your picture. It will probably work best if you find yourself a completely black backdrop, as it will absorb any of the light that falls on it, making your model the only thing that is ‘glowing’ in the picture. But if you don’t have a black surface to work with, any other wall will do just fine.

2. Compose your shot. Set up your camera on the tripod and make you like what you see in the viewfinder. Set the camera setting to ‘bulb’ mode. Remove your Diana Flash and insert a gel filter of your choice on the flash. Give the flash to your model to hold at the base of her torso, so that the flash does not appear in the shot.

3. Switch off all the lights, and open the shutter. Holding it open, ask the model to flash the light at herself. When the flash has done it’s thing, close the shutter and print your photo!

4. You can really make this work in any way you want. Try doing double exposures with different gel filters, or even splitzing your shots!

written by awfullysasha on 2011-09-01 #gear #tutorials #camera #tipster #diana-flash #diana-instant-back

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  1. oxgn
    oxgn ·

    Nice tutorial :D I never try with instant back before but here is my result using film :D www.lomography.it/homes/oxgn/albums/1738339-diana-f-plus-03…

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