A little tour of the region where the São Paulo Gallery Store will be located


A walk along Avenida Paulista can yield really good pictures. If you include the old downtown, it’s even better. After all, when the lights go out, you still have Rua Augusta.

Avenida Paulista is famous for its buildings, traffic jams, MASP (São Paulo’s Art Museum) and the Casa das Rosas (Rose’s House, cultural center).

During the week, it’s always full of people going here and there, in cars, buses, on the subway and on foot. On weekends, there are lots of people walking by, circling, seeking cultural centers or simply moving from one place to another.

Photographically, Avenida Paulista is interesting. Look up, searching for the convergence of the buildings. Look ahead, find one detail and another. There is much to see and photograph, starting, obviously, by the architecture. But there are also all kinds of people.

Then you can go by subway down to São Paulo’s downtown. The atmosphere changes. There are still people, but a lot less than during the week. There is also architecture, but unlike the modern and mirrored Avenida Paulista, the downtown has old buildings, yellowish ones. The Martinelli Building, the first skyscraper in São Paulo, the Altino Arantes Building, the “Banespão” São Paulo’s postcard has Pateo do Colégio, where it all began with the Jesuits [city’s first building]. It has the Monastery of St. Benedict. It has streets and more streets, buildings and more buildings, history and more history.

After all that, the sun is going down, the night is coming. A cool walk is up the Rua Augusta, from downtown back to Avenida Paulista. Neons, bars, nightclubs, whorehouses. Cars going up and down. People on the sidewalks – all sorts of people. Many of whom, for various imaginable reasons, you will not be able to photograph. Rua Augusta, crossed by Avenida Paulista, has two sides, very different from each other. The side that goes to downtown, mentioned before, and the side that goes to Jardins [city’s prime area], different in all respects – which will be written about in another postt.

São Paulo, like any big city in the world has its thieves. But, you can get out and shoot, easy. I never had any problems. Just be smart and aware. Pay attention to people and surroundings. So you are safe and yours cameras too.

Now I hope to see your photos, with the same views as mine as well as different views, with the same cameras like mine or other cameras. Lomo On!

written by rickyarruda on 2011-10-18 #places #sao-paulo #centro #avenida-paulista #location #local #rua-augusta #lugares
translated by arthurmoretao

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