V&A to Open New Permanent Photographs Gallery

On October 25, 2011, a permanent new gallery that will showcase highlights from the V&A’s vintage
collection of photographs will open. Entrance will be free and the launch exhibition will feature works by Diane Arbus, Henri Cartier-Bresson, and Man Ray amongst others. Read on to find out more.

Stone Benjamin, Tower of London, 1898 via V&A

In 1856, the V&A became the first museum to collect photographs and in 1858, was the first to exhibit them. The V&A is home to the UK’s national collection of photography.

Scamell, George, Deal Chruch, 1905 via V&A

The new gallery will launch with a display of works by key figures such as by Henri Cartier-Bresson, Man Ray, Alfred Stieglitz, Diane Arbus and Irving Penn. The gallery is set to chronicle the history of photography from its invention in 1839 up to the 1960s.

Hollyer, Frederick, Owen Seaman, ca 1890 via V&A

Other temporary displays showcasing contemporary photography will be shown in the V&A’s existing photographs gallery.

Bingley, Godfrey, North Walsham, 1897 via V&A

A broad range of works will be displayed in the new gallery, which will be re-curated every 18 months. Highlights include the oldest photograph in the V&A collection, a daguerreotype from 1839 as well as an early botanical photograph created without a camera by Anna Atkins (1854). Later works on display will include Curtis Moffat’s camera-less photograph of a dragonfly influenced by Man Ray.

Le Gray Gustave, The Brig, 1856 via V&A

Entrance to the Photographs Gallery will be free. For further info click this.

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