Fuji Superia 200


Fuji’s Superia 200 is a cheap and cheerful colour negative film, which, despite its price, is still a high quality emulsion.

I am a massive fan of Superia for a few reasons. Superia 200 (400 also) are widely available, and can often be found in chemists, supermarkets, and other non-photographic stores. This can be a real convenience if you run out of film while out and about and need to satisfy an itchy shutter finger.

Another neat thing about this film is that it is not often too expensive. Most places that stock this film generally sell it in the three-packs I mentioned earlier for about the same price as most other cheap color negative films, such as Kodak Gold. Because of the price of this film, it is excellent for testing old cameras or experimenting with—any rolls that do not quite work out won’t be too costly.

However, despite being a ‘cheap’ film, Superia 200 is still impressive performance wise. This emulsion yields nice, slightly vivid, but still natural colors which look very nice on prints and scans. This film is also of a reasonably fine granularity, making it well suited for enlargements.

In sunlight, Superia works like a charm, with colors that look great and bright, but not overwhelming. I don’t know what it is like for ISO200 but the Superia 400 is a brilliant film for shooting sunsets, red and orange hues seem to be picked up very well by this emulsion. However, due to the speed of this film, in low light conditions, performance drops off pretty quickly. If you plan to use Superia 200 in dim lighting conditions, I would not suggest it. You would be far better off with a speed such as 800 ISO, or higher.

Though this film works well as it is—if redscaled, Superia can yield some interesting results.

Of course, this film may not be to everyone’s taste. Some may find it a little boring, or dislike some other aspect of the film. For me, however, it is my go-to color negative film.


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  1. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    I love this film!

  2. gracekim
    gracekim ·

    I must get these!

  3. houda21
    houda21 ·

    Great review! How did you make it redscaled?

  4. panchromatic
    panchromatic ·

    Hi there, I took it out of the cassette in the dark, flipped it around, and then reloaded it. Hope this helps. If it doesn't, I can explain in more detail.

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