Satisfy that sweet tooth you’ve always had with frozen yogurt, they’re open daily for at least 12 hours a day on Oahu!

At Yogurtland, they sell frozen yogurt that almost tastes like ice cream…but better! They have over 25 nonfat flavors and all of the fruit yogurt is fortified with Vitamin C. All their yogurt has calcium benefits and you can choose which flavors and toppings you like.

I love stopping by to grab frozen yogurt, knowing that it’s a lot healthier than ice cream even though it tastes a lot like it. Most of the flavors contain 60 calories and under for one cup! They also provide nutritional facts for their yogurt and toppings on their website.

Yogurtland is perfect for hot days (which is almost everyday in Hawaii). But Yogurtland isn’t just in Hawaii, it’s in over 135 locations in the US, Guam, Mexico, and Japan. It’s delicious and nutritious!

Yogurtland constantly comes up with new flavors! Some of my favorite flavors are: Red Velvet Cupcake Batter, Plain Tart, Double Cookies and Cream, and Matcha Green Tea. They also have cute cups for your yogurt and 100% biodegradable spoons!

So if you’ve got a sweet tooth, don’t forget to remember Yogurtland! You can find a location near you from their website! :)

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