RECAP: Build Your Own LomoWall @ Lomography Gallery Store

Have you ever looked at a LomoWall and thought to yourself, “Man…I need one of these in my place!” At our Build Your Own LomoWall Workshop we helped eager Lomographers show off their creativity and decorate their homes!

This past Sunday NYC Lomographers stepped into our Gallery Store on 23rd street armed with photos. What were they doing with all these photographs you ask? Well building their very own LomoWalls of course! Equipped with a blank canvas, a straight edge and a plethora of Lomographs these adventurers were ready to turn their apartments, homes, bedrooms and living rooms into a real live LomoWall. After they were finished they proudly marched their newest home accessories out into the streets and onto subway cars that would take them to their new LomoWalls’ destination: their home!

Lomography Gallery Store NYC
106 E 23rd Street NYC 10010


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