My Pleasant Kodak VR 400 35mm!

Rock on VR! Cheap, affordable, simple and vivid enough. Lomography is my second world, but it can be a stressful world for one’s pocket. Kodak VR 400 came to me to reassure the financial problem without losing much quality from this roll of ISO 400.

Lomography began to squeeze more and more every week and wanted me to take more pictures, wanted me to try everything, but I needed to have a break in the price of the rolls. But where to get something cheap and someone you trust? Well, I just looked a little and a friend of the analog world quickly gave me the answer, though neither he nor I knew that the VR could be the best answer. Some e-mail exchange was enough and my Kodak VR 400-35mm arrived for about 1 EUR each. It’s not an expired film.

The first experience was not pleasant but I suspect that what failed was the scanning. Now, with the first roll scanned by me, things have changed. I tried to shoot color and that’s what the VR 400 offered me. It does not give a clean and clear image but enhances the colors in its own way, and leaves a retro washed out look on the photos. ISO 400 is one that lends itself very well to light without drying out too much the same. The colors become vivid in a different way. In some photos, it seems that I am looking at a drawing. I’m curious to see the results coming!

written by sprofishgel on 2011-08-06 #gear #fair #film #35mm #review #vivid #retro #sprockets #lomography #kodak #user-review #vr400

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