Jumpin' Jack Flash! The Best Companion For Every Diana


Why purchasing a flash for my Diana Mini was the best Lomographic decision I ever made and how it can bring you buckets of opportunities to use your Diana F+ or Diana Mini in new ways and make the pictures you’re already taking harder, better, faster, and stronger.

My Diana Mini was my first film camera purchase…ever. Thus, I had no knowledge of how real cameras worked going in; I was a child of the digital age. I didn’t understand until I received my first set of prints from the lab that something was horribly wrong…something was missing. Pictures taken at dusk were dark and hard to discern. Pictures taken in my flat were dull and dim. But my pictures from afternoons in the park were bright and stunning!

I rushed to my flatmate’s door and demanded an explanation. This is how I learned that light is the life-bringing goddess of lomography. Light really can be everything! It is the stork that delivers the images we see safely and gently onto our film. She said simply “Find better light, or buy a flash”. “Find better light!” I cried in despair. Lomography is not about finding! It’s about living and letting pictures find you! And so I rushed out and got a flash as soon as possible.

The Diana F+ Flash fit so snuggly and perfectly on my little Mini, no adapter necessary, and looked so adorable, crazily big and bright, perching above my lens. I took it out immediately, rotating through all of the amazing colored gels and terrifying most of my friends with sudden flashes of color. The pictures that I got from that roll of film were my best yet.

The Diana F+ Flash is almost startlingly effective. I have never met a situation which it couldn’t light up or wash with beautiful color. I find myself able to take twice as many pictures in twice as many situations because of it and I wish that I had bought it on day one so that my Diana Mini never had to know loneliness (Alas, it is the challenges in life that make us stronger Lomographers).

The flash takes one AA battery which takes quite a while to wear down. Buy a four pack for a few dollars and you will be set for rolls and rolls of film. The colored gels are easy to change, mix, and slip into your pocket; have fun with them! Experiment! Make your grandma blue and your favorite blue jeans pink! I recommend highly that all Lomographers invest in a flash for their camera…but if it can be adapted to yours, this flash in particular truly contributes to the Lomographic atmosphere. The sound of it powering up, the shine of the red “Ready!” light, and the look of it reflected in the enthralled eyes of your subjects will all make Lomography more fun than ever!

The Diana Mini is the ultra-compact, petite version of the Diana F+. This camera takes soft-focused, lo-fi images in 35mm and allows you to change between half-format and square shots with a flick of a switch. Get your own Diana Mini now!

This Diana+ Flash retains the authentic hallmarks of the original – a dual metal-pin attachment and a glowing ready light. Its “Diana Plug” attaches directly to the camera and fully syncs the flash to the shutter. Included gel filters allow you to splash a burst of colored light at your subject – day or night! Get your very own Diana F+ Flash.

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  1. lisabegusch
    lisabegusch ·

    I have a Diana+ without a flash....perhaps I should buy one :)

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