Expedition to Mount Kinabalu, Malaysia


A group of 8 friends who have been looking forward to climb Mount Kinabalu, finally made their dream a reality on the 20th of June 2011. The highest mountain in Malaysia, Mount Kinabalu is really a great challenge and experience for all of us.

Mountain climbing is a totally new experience for me. When I was told to join the climb to the highest mountain in Malaysia, I was so nervous and not excited at all…lol. Thanks to a bunch of friends who were supportive enough to provide me with some tips on how to prepare for the climb, I became more eager about this adventure.

Well, we needed to register in advance (about half a year) and finally got to set foot on Mount Kinabalu. :D

We spent one night resting at the base and started our expedition the next day at 9am. We had to climb 8km to another base…and it took us 6 hours!

Star wars starring by Andy and Dixon…lol

This were our porters who guided us along the way and carried our stuff! Salute!

There’s a hut at every 1km. When we reached the height of 4km, the weather was so cold. So before we continued on, we put on our jackets and gloves. I have this minor headache and was feeling sleepy during the whole journey due to the thin air. Each stop, you will see different types of trees and rocks. It’s so awesome!

Finally after 6 hours, around 4pm, we managed to reach another base at Laban Rata where we had our dinner and rest. I started to get a cramp on my thigh and my feet were sore. The water tap was also freezing!

We rested for few houra ’til 2:30am and continued our climb to the peak! The wind was so strong and it was kinda scary, we were climbing in the dark but of cause we had our headlights on.

The sunrise was breathtaking. We were halfway to the peak when the sun started to rise! Extremely exhausted and cold, I couldn’t even feel my legs!

We headed down slowly and it took us another 6 hours to the bottom base. After the mountain, we made our way to the beach! We went to Manukan and the town area for fresh seafood! Nomnomnom

Well, it wasn’t easy but we’ll definitely be back again next year. I’m already starting to miss the mountain. :)

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  1. eva_eva
    eva_eva ·

    Great! :)

  2. aveyap
    aveyap ·

    Thanks va va..lets go together next year..ngek ngek ngek..

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