Art and Culture: Street Art in Passau

You wouldn’t expect to find much urban art in Passau, a small town in Germany’s most conservative south but think again!

When I moved to Passau for university last fall, I wasn’t sure if it was the right decision. I was afraid of scary bible Christians, thick Bavarian accents and narrow minded beer drinking and pretzel eating men in Lederhosen. Well, what can I say – you can definitely meet some of these stereotypes when going for a stroll through town. But you’ll also notice the town’s friendly flair, lots of people who don’t speak Bavarian, and, maybe most surprisingly, lots and lots of stencil graffiti.

Credits: cornborn

Some of the stencils aren’t so much intended to be art as they are a statement against fascism, others are just there to look pretty and beautify the town. You can also find lots of stickers all over town.

Credits: cornborn

I think most of the stencil graffiti look great and I love discovering new ones that weren’t there the day before.

written by cornborn on 2011-08-18 #places #street-art #location #urban-art #art-and-culturestencil-grafitti-germany-bavaria

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