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Reinert and his beloved Yunc are my inspiration for Lomography. I would really love to express my heartfelt gratitude for their kindness bringing me into this huge and yet warm community. :)

Name: Reinert Lee
Location: Klang, Malaysia
Lomo Home: reinertlee

When I first got in touch with Lomography, I was still an undergraduate student where I had to watch my monthly budget closely to prevent myself from overspending. It was still very indecisive if I should get myself involved in this cash and film-burning-game… XD

And then, there was Reinert and his girlfriend Yunc who offered to let me borrow their Fisheye and Oktomat to my trip to North Borneo.

photos by reinertlee

So off I went, with the two analogue cameras that I first got my hands on after so many years, full of anxiety. Totally indulged myself in the excitement of lomography.

And then, I finally got myself my first Fisheye No.2 White. :)

After my North Borneo trip, Reinert and Yunc invited me to the East Coast with them. There, I had my greatest pleasure to shoot my first roll of LC-A and ActionSampler, courtesy of them too!

So you see, how kind and sweet this couple is.

photos by reinertlee

One night, Yunc called me up and told me that they’ve got an LSI discount coupon for LC-A+ purchase. Reinert and Yunc both have one LC-A each, and the first one they thought about this offer was me! So I hesitated no more and accepted this offer on the spot with joy!

I could still remember how I tracked my parcel which shipped all the way from Vienna to Kuala Lumpur, day and night right after the online purchase. ^^

And that’s the story how I got my LC-A+. :)

Reinert and Yunc, thank you! ♥

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  1. eva_eva
    eva_eva ·

    lovely :)

  2. reinertlee
    reinertlee ·

    I baru tau ada ni article... shyshy.

    Lihooi, long time no see!!!

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