FOUND: Vintage Bugs Bunny Camera by Sears!

Hey, hey, hey…it’s Bugs Bunny’s birthday! If you grew up watching Bugs Bunny cartoons like the rest of us – or if you like film cameras (again, like the rest of us) then get the best of both worlds by continue reading the article after the jump!

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Before Polaroid debuted the special edition, Bugs Bunny i-Zone instant camera, there was actually the Bugs Bunny Instant Load Camera by Sears which was released in 1976. The camera, which still makes use of good ’ol GE Magicubes and 126 film cartridges is a rare find indeed and is perfect for serious collectors.

Looking at it, this kiddie-ish camera actually seems pretty cool and is definitely out of the ordinary especially when compared to other mass-produced cameras. Too bad finding GE Magicubes and 126 films is kind of problematic – and expensive but what the heck, if you really love Bugs Bunny or you just love vintage cameras a whole bunch then this makes for a nice addition to your wishlist.

Bugs Bunny Instant Load Camera Photo source
Bugs Bunny i-Zone camera

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