Swirls - An Exhibition

BW and colour prints of landscapes and portraits using traditional and experimental techniques. Check out the labrats pages for epug’s stuff.

Swirls is a scrumptious collection of shots taken with a Holga, a Seagull and other analogue toys, mixing experimental techniques involving paper, ink, oil pigments and films. Each shot is unique and unpredictable and plays as much with darkness as it does with light. Every picture is an accident, an exercise in randomness and chance harmony. Halfway between dream and documentary, storytelling and paranoia, it will absolutely blow your mind.

The show is at The Place, Oakengates, Telford, UK. It starts on the 18th March and ends on the 21st of April. If you are unlucky and can’t come, check out www.cdillinger.co.uk the exhibition is available online there too.

written by newepug on 2009-01-21 #news #event #experimental #holga-seagull #uk

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