Amazing Expired Fuji Superia 200


This is expired film, but without expiry date on producing amazing photos.

When I heard of Fuji, I thought it must be one of the best film companies in the world. One of the leaders in producing great films, from slide films, to black and white, and not to forget,forgotten the great line of consumer color negative film. One of the great consumer film, and everyone must know and used, the Fuji Superia 200. This consumer film is great, whether when it is fresh or expired.

Expired Fuji Superia 200 is not so different from fresh Fuji Superia 200. The exposure latitude is still wide and forgivable, yet the ISO speed is almost not affected by its expiry.

ISO 200 means this film is faster than ISO 100 film, yet it’s not as grainy as ISO 400 film. For a faster but less grain film, this film is a perfect choice. Load it with any camera, and the thing that prevent you from taking good photos only your finger being too lazy to press the shutter.

The color produced from this expired film is unpredictable. Sometimes look as good as fresh, sometimes look dull and classic, but it it why I love this film. It produces crazy and wild color,with various effect.

It is easy to get, super cheap with various effects, for just a few dollars (or pennies?) nothing can go wrong with this film. If you are seeking for cheap and reliable film, this is your answer. For those who have not get a hand on this film, try it and you’ll never regret.

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  1. angelc5
    angelc5 ·

    yay! I have found someone else that uses it :D I bought a pack of 10 process paid for super cheap because it was a month out of date!

  2. moonormoon
    moonormoon ·

    @angelc5 i use this film many times.and like it very much!

  3. anabellafb
    anabellafb ·

    cooooooooool. iim gona try it

  4. upstart_thunder
    upstart_thunder ·

    A vast majority of my rolls have been expired film, some from over 5 years expired. :)

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