My Two Visits to the Lomography Gallery Store in Berlin


In my recent trip to Berlin (and Lomographic, because I took several photos!), a visit to the Lomography Gallery Store Berlin was almost an obligatory for me.

Located in Friedrichstraße 133 , one of the main streets of the city, the store and gallery is located near the Museum Island, one of the most emblematic areas of the city. It’s near Tacheles ,for those who do not know it, it’s an old building in ruins since the war, which was once a Nazi prison and after the fall of the wall was occupied by artists, which have used it as an exhibition and culture centre, with different exposures, activities… Tacheles has become a symbol in the capital and a must to see, especially because that the building remains standing is dubious.

Well…so, in the city center (or “mitte”, as the German people say) I found the Lomography Gallery Store, it’s at the moment, the most beautiful Lomography Gallery Store that I have visited. It is about 200 square meters and bright where you can find all Lomography products (and touch them and try them all! I went straight to the LC-A and Lubitel haha…it was inevitable that I’d go for them) you can also have a look at all the books, both on the shelves and in the sofa area that the store has.

At the time of my visit they were displaying the latest Lomography products: La Sardina! It was a fish market and the truth is that having it in your hand makes it more fun and appetizing! :)

But, one of the most important things of the store, is its lomowall, the biggest in Germany, shocking and fascinating at the same time, you could spend your time staring at it all day!

In addition, the store regularly holds workshops of all kinds and different parties for the presentation of new products! The truth is that the sofa area is so nice, you can relax and have a look at any Lomography book! And the store is so cozy that I had to come back to buy my Fisheye lens for the Diana F+!

And I have to talk about the store employees, they were very friendly and allowed me to photograph the entire store for this article even posing for a photo! Thank you guys! :)

So if you decide to visit the city, be sure to stop by the store and go take a look! I certainly think that the location of the shop makes it one of my favorites! ;)

Berlin Lomography Gallery and Store is located at number 133 on Friedrichstraße, with hours from Monday to Saturday from 10am to 8pm.

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  1. itsdebraanne
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    so lucky! i have yet to visit a gallery -___-

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