Mike Mitchell's Beatles Photos Fetches $362,000


Mike Mitchell’s never-before-seen photos of The Beatles from the 1960s were recently put on auction at Christie’s and fetched a lot more than the estimated price.

Photographer Mike Mitchell was 18 when he obtained a press pass to cover one of the most historic concerts ever to happen in America: the first US concert of The Beatles in 1964 at the Washington Coliseum. However, his contact prints and negatives would remain filed away in his basement for almost 50 years.

Upon rediscovering his photos, Mitchell’s friends encouraged him to put his prized photographs on sale. He took them to Christie’s, who estimated the collection of 46 snapshots from the unknown photographer to fetch around $100,000. However, bidders present during the July 20 auction thought the photos were worth a lot more than that, and the price soared to $362,000.

Perhaps one of the priciest photographs in Mitchell's rediscovered works is that of the “fab four” silhouetted against spotlights. It was estimated to get sold at $2000, but fetched $68,500.

Photos via PhotoBlog - MSNBC

Mike Mitchell's new Beatles photographs elude auctioneers -- Telegraph

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  1. franty
    franty ·

    Found this russian blog (that's very lomo, isn't it?) with several of those Beatles' photos: firsttimeuser.livejournal.com/60305.html

  2. plasticpopsicle
    plasticpopsicle ·

    @franty Just checked the blog you provided. Those are some awesome photos 18-year-old Mitchell took in 1964!

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