Letter From the Editor: Lomography Magazine Masthead


It’s about time we introduce you to the folks who make the Lomography Magazine fun, entertaining and informative. Of course we thank the community for their great submissions! But, behind the scenes we have a fun-loving editorial team which works night and day to bring you the stuff you like to see and read.

So, without further ado! The official Magazine Masthead… get to know our writers and follow them to be up to speed on all things Lomography!



Erin a.k.a. basterda is the editor-in-chief of the Lomography Magazine. She monitors all the sections of the Magazine so if you have any concerns regarding your submissions, don’t hesitate to message her. She also writes Analogue Lifestyle pieces which are often inclined to classic, noir, and vintage memorabilia. Apart from spreading analogue love, Erin is also a marveller of cinematic films and non-sequitur literature. She adores the female photographers Diane Arbus and Francesca Woodman. Marla Singer is her alter-ego.


Joy a.k.a. plasticpopsicle is a frustrated writer, aspiring photographer, part-time traveler, and striving crafter. She is in charge of the Reviews section and also writes for Analogue Lifestyle and News on the side. She has been taking photographs and lomographs since her re-acquaintance with film photography two years ago.


Ron a.k.a. cruzron is in charge of the Competitions section and as of a few days ago, the Tipsters. Yes, he’ll get around to announcing the missing rumbles, don’t you worry!


Abby a.k.a. ungrumpy edits, distributes Piggies, and sends out notification emails for Locations . In between, she edits Photolab articles and uploads Library posts. Occasionally, she also writes for Lomography. Feel free to contact her with regard to all three sections and she’ll get back to you a-s-a-p. Aside from being a Lomography section editor, Abby likes to take pictures of stuff and food, shop, bloghop, devour fashion and travel magazines, read fiction novels and biographies, collect Japanese curios, and watch Storage Wars on the Biography Channel.

So, now you know the team, make sure you follow them to get the latest on Lomography!

Lomography is a Community, a Magazine and a Shop .

written by gabysalas on 2011-08-02 #news #lomography-magazine-masthead-editors


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