Ladies and Gentlemen, Get Ready to Meet a Beautiful Town

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when I say ‘San Antonio’? I bet you five thousands rupees that it’s Texas! Keep reading to see if you were right!

Guess what, you were not! I am here to talk about my lovely hometown: San Antonio. San Antonio is located in the fifth region of Chile, Valparaíso. Even though Valparaíso is more known worldwide as the jewel of the pacific (la joya del pacífico), San Antonio has the most important port nationwide.

The port of San Antonio, Chile.

I’m studying in Santiago to become an English teacher (do not judge my English, I’m still learning), and being around towers of concrete all day long, I can finally understand Pablo Neruda when he said so many times that he missed the sea. I know that this town is very small, and maybe for all of you, this town means nothing. However, let me tell you something: once you are here, and you can feel the breeze with a slight smell of the sea; you meet its people and places, you will immediately fall in love.

San Antonio, Chile and its people.

Anyway, there are few things to do in this town (besides relaxing of course). However, I have my favorite ones: juggling, playing pool, taking pictures, drinking beer, etc. who doesn’t like drinking a cold beer while you are smoking and talking to your best friends? That’s life amigo!

Credits: narkalen

Well, time to say good bye, thanks for reading! ;D I hope the next time you read or listen something about ‘San Antonio’ you’ll remember the small town located in Latin America and not only think of Texas!

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