An Old Skool Fujichrome 50 RD


Among the Fujifilm ISO 50 pile that I found being sold, I picked up this old skool Fujichrome 50 RD. I’ve tried to search it again but this is the only one. Again, I was driven by my curiosity, so I bought it.

I searched the internet to try to find out the production year of this film, and I’ve also contacted Fujifilm customer service, but still no reply. Then, I found this review which says this Fujichrome RD was produced from the time ‘before Sensia.’

RF I believe refers to Fujichrome 50, a highly saturated slow speed film (not quite as saturated as Velvia but probably more than Kodachrome 25).

RD refers to Fujichrome 100, Fujichrome 50’s “faster brother”. Perhaps, the 049 refers to some kind of emulsion batch, I don’t know. Both were excellent films. Shot them in the 80’s and early 90’s before Kodak came out with their Elitechrome films and before Fuji Sensia, as mentioned.

This old friend has been out too long, so I’m now showing the results. Most of these pictures were taken in a bright sunlight, and some indoors. I used my LC-A+ with ISO setting of 100.

But then, my curiosity paid off and this film canister will surely be kept.

Goodbye, my old friend, Fujichrome 50 RD!

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  1. kuryzu
    kuryzu ·

    Sorry i was misswrite it. its RF not RD.

  2. zuazua
    zuazua ·

    I found this online and bought 10 rolls for 120. Cant wait to XPro and see what we have

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