Fujifilm Superia 200

The Superia 200, a superb color film!

In three years of shooting in film, I have never tried the Fujifilm Superia 200. Not until recently that a certain plastic camera here in the Philippines was sold at a bargain price, which happen to include a Superia 200 in its package. And because both the camera and the 36-exposure film were sold at a price cheaper than a single roll of film, I decided to buy a couple. Naturally, I used the film most on other cameras instead of the free-focus camera it came with.

Using my Olympus XA, I saw the Superia’s full potential; and it did not disappoint. One noticeable thing is how fine the grain is. The photos look so natural with colors that are vibrant. The pictures really come alive, so much so, that it feels like looking through a window, or as though the subject is about to jump out of the screen.

The Superia 200 is indeed one of the top choices among color negative films out there. Here are more photos to prove it:

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