LC-A Refurbished: Your Authentic Eye For Your Authentic Shots!


Before everything else, before every Lomo camera that passes through my eyes, Lomo LC-A was there and caught my attention. Why go for LC-A+ if you can have that authentic, true-blooded Lomo Kompakt Automat with the Russian Minitar Lens?

Fully and carefully revitalized by the Lomography team that crafted out this camera during the USSR days, the LC-A Refurb is once again being brought back to light, ready to crunch the world in full throttle and gratify the Lomo-hungered world. With its built-in light-meter, ASA settings that varies from 25 to 400, this modest camera can take out your curiosity of shooting on diverse kinds of lighting available: sunny, cloudy, under the shade of a big tree, indoor, well-lit room or in a dark place. The LC-A also comes with three LR44 (or SR44) batteries that will power-up your camera. You also have the muscle to choose the zone focus; 0.8m, 1.5m, 3m and infinity. There is also an aperture setting that ranges from f/2,8 down to f/16. You can set your camera to “A” which stands for automatic and it will give you a fixed f/2,8 aperture plus immense shots with a shutter speed of 1/500 down to 2 minutes. Placing the aperture aside from “A” will provide a 1/60th second of shutter speed; great for flash!

Giving a self-effacing salute to the discoverers of this black gem, Aleksiev (my LC-A) has been with me for ever and a day. Consign it in your pocket bag and you’re now ready to go. But before all of this, let me bestow you a background of my story. First and foremost, many of my friends do advised me to buy the LC-A+ because of the power of multiple exposures and upgrade kits. But I bought last December the original, refurbished LC-A! Why?

1. It is original.
2. Authentic Russian Lens (LC-A+ is provided with a Chinese Minitar Lens) that gives you a swooping, lovely 32mm semi-wide angle crispy, outrageous, fruity-colored shots.
3. Aperture availability.

The best and most perfect crime partner with this camera is the Colorsplash Flash. Tug it in the hotshoe and you’ll see the world in different and crazy colors. One good thing about this camera is that the hotshoe flash fires when the blades (curtain) of the camera is about to close; giving your party shots and night shots a fuzzy, electrifying background while your subject being crisp-colored in yellow! My favorite slide film to cook in my LC-A is the Agfa CT Precisa 100. Whooping colors, great on skin tones, LC-A really knows how to blend-in together with a slide film. LC-A is not just for slide films. Baking it with color negative film comes great too!

There’s this one tip and trick that I know: Cover the light-meter (the asa window) of your camera, place it in a tripod or in any flat surface, press the shutter and hold it for minutes and you get an instant bulb setting!

Although the appalling or bad side of this camera is not compatible with most of the LC-A+ accessories (that includes the Splitzer, Wide Angle Lens, etc.) although I have seen some lomographers changing the faceplate of their LC-A from the withered or broken LC-A+ or per request from LSI so they can be able to soar in new heights and discoveries with the accessories and upgrade kits. Also, this doesn’t come with an MX switch which is available in LC-A+ but it is fine with me. Finishing the roll and using it again for doubles would be much more exciting!

The shots here are from my first three rolls!

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  1. eyecon
    eyecon ·

    The legend! Nothing needs to added....

  2. ethermoon
    ethermoon ·

    thanks eyecon! photos here are old old old. this was submitted long before...

  3. rater
    rater ·

    Loce the LC-A!!

  4. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    Yes, the true legend! I got one dated 1986 (I was told that the first 2 numbers of the serial number inside the camera, just under the winding spool, indicates the year of is true??) and it's a reference!! But, I don't know if you made a typing mistake or not when you say "You can set your camera to “A” which stands for automatic and it will give you a fixed f/2,8 aperture", because when setting the "A" it doesn't make a fixed aperture, but the camera makes the choice of aperture (from 2,8 to 16) AND the exposure time (1/500 to 2mn)..... For the doubles you're right, even if there's no MX button, you can make great surprising ones by rewinding the film and have some truly unexpected results!! :)))
    Great review and great shots!! :))

  5. ethermoon
    ethermoon ·

    Vicuna, yep! sorry about that. I have the idea of the lc-a when placed in automatic is dealing with the apertures (for instance i tried pointing the camera directly to the sun, the aperture opening was f/16). the shutter speed i think depends on the exposure meter.

    shots were from my first few rolls.. had plenty of them now (and i am not bored with it), you can look over at

    thanks for the drop guys!!!

  6. stouf
    stouf ·

    Mythical camera reviewed by a mythical lomographer. The doubles with cars shot in bulb are stunning !

  7. ethermoon
    ethermoon ·

    hey stouf! thanks! old shots here! i like the first photo!!! sharp, really. the minitar lens can really tell a great story! :)

  8. reinertlee
    reinertlee ·

    So handsome.

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