Filmswap with My Parents

Went on vacation without leaving town!

I have always been among those people who want it all, but time and age has taught me that this is not always possible and must learn to accept reality, although you can always be a bit ingenious.

This time, what happened to me was that my parents went on a weekend to Cadaqués, a charming town on the Costa Brava where everything is nice, and where I couldn’t go.

It was late June and I still had to wait two weeks to be free and to enjoy the holidays, so I had to think a solution to escape without leaving my room.

The solution was to make a filmswap. I thought: if I share films with Thai Lomographers, why not share them with my parents? And I did it like this.

Slide film Astia 100F (found in the flee market and probably expired) and my Fisheye (my first Lomographic camera)—perfect combination for our trip.

I thought that a roll of slide film cross processed always leaves bright and intense tones, and moreover, I knew the Fisheye camera is perfect for any beginner.

I prepared the camera with the film, marked the beginning of the photographs, and let them shoot freely. My parents did a very good job and they came back with nice snapshots. I just had to put the film in my LC-A+ and wait for beach landscapes mingle with the city.

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written by cohetesnaranjas on 2011-08-16 #lifestyle #film-swap #tip #vacation #slide-film #doubles #fisheye #analogue-lifestyle #cohetesnaranjas
translated by lori_an

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