Take the Fisheye for a Swim with the Submarine!


The Lomography Fisheye cameras are all time favorites. In fact, they’re near perfect, and there’s just one thing missing: They’re not waterproof! But wait! There’s a solution for that!

Those of you who have a Fisheye camera, whether it be Fisheye No.1 or Fisheye No.2 will probably agree that these cameras are so addictive that you can hardly put them away. They make everything so much fun that you just want to take them everywhere: to parties, to boring business meetings, to your cross-country road trip, under the shower… The only problem is, they aren’t quite so tough. And they’re not waterproof. That’s where the Fisheye Submarine comes in.

Credits: cornborn

The Submarine is a super fantastic underwater housing for your Fisheye No.1 or No.2 camera. It’s built of clear plastic with rubber sealing and it’ll keep your Fisheye safe and dry up to a depth of 20m. The best part is, it doesn’t decrease the image quality of your beloved Fisheye! The pictures will come out just as sharp and crisp.

Credits: cornborn

I think that everyone who has a Fisheye camera should also have a Submarine because it doesn’t just add to the fun, it multiplies the fun!

The Fisheye Submarine is the Big Dipper of all underwater camera cases – it takes the Fisheye experience to a whole new level! It is compatible with both the Fisheye One and Fisheye No. 2. Get your own Fisheye Submarine and have a wet and wonderful time!

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  1. aroninvt
    aroninvt ·

    Excellent shots! I do so wish they'd make a submarine housing for the Diana F+....

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