Boil It Like A Witch


This is another typical experiment that i made using water and dish washer like Pril or anything.

Credits: shahirmomo

Do you boil water before u drink ? Ive made up my mind to do this kind of experiment under the influence of my fellow Lomographers. I thing this experiment is common among us but still sharing is caring right.
It’s easy. All u need is using your kitchen to the max.

Here are the procedures :
1. load your camera with any film (expired -ve is recommended)
2. shoot whatever object u want.
3. take out your film and get ready to boil it.
4. fill your pot with water about 1/4 or 2/4.
5. add some dish washer eg : Pril, axon or anything (about 3 or 4 spoon)
6. wait til 15 mins that take it out (carefull because its surely hot)
7. dry it using blower/hair dry and keep it about 2 weeks or longer (without pulling the film strips)
8. then ready to see the results :)

Any camera will do. Im using Holga 135 . PEACE . . .

Credits: shahirmomo

written by shahirmomo on 2011-08-17 #gear #tutorials #film #tipster #dish-washer #water-boil-dry


  1. xthyra
    xthyra ·

    how did you dry the film? inside the canister?

  2. shahirmomo
    shahirmomo ·

    im using hair blower right after i boil it . then wait for 2-3 weeks to let it dry completely :)

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