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The Street Is a Living Museum

Come to think of it, the street is a living museum that teaches us many things about our past, present and future.

6 February 2011

Went to the Cultural Center of the Philippines’ yearly open house event dubbed Pasinaya where the public was treated to a watch-all-you-can, donate—only-when-you-can promo to promote the performances, facilities and services that the CCP provides the art enthusiasts and patrons.

Credits: lakandula

There was a variety of performances like dances, songs, music playing and poetry plus sneak previews of the year’s offerings by various in-house groups and others. The many galleries inside the building were filled with paintings and other multi-media expresssions of both veteran and budding visual artists. All corners and spaces inside and outside the center were indeed in fiesta mood.

Credits: lakandula

I was particularly interested in lomographing the museum that featured life-size dioramas depicting the rich ethnic culture in the Philippines. The tour around the museum was like a crash course on Philippine cultural anthropology. On regular museum hours, photography is not allowed. Good thing because of the Pasinaya that prohibition was suspended (at least for that day).

Credits: lakandula

I took several pictures inside and doubled my shots with street scenes. The results made me think how the street is literally and figuratively a living museum that teaches us many things we often fail to see.

Credits: lakandula

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