Stratford upon Avon: the Birth, Living, and Resting Place of William Shakespeare

Stratford upon Avon is most famous for its rich history and especially for being the birth, living, and resting place of William Shakespeare.

In total, Stratford offers 5 locations where you can fully experience the Stratford that William Shakespeare would have lived in when he was alive, containing aspects of Tudor life such as rare period furnishings and domestic items.

Shakespeare’s Birthplace – where William was born and lived
Anne Hathaway’s Cottage – family home of Shakespeare’s wife
Mary Arden’s House – childhood home of Shakespeare’s mother
Hall’s Croft – home of the husband of Shakespeare’s daughter Susanna
Nash’s House & New Place – Shakespeare’s family home from 1597 until 1616.

Aside from visiting the places which Shakespeare frequented when he was still alive, you can also visit Shakepeare’s grave in the Holy Trinity Church. Shakespeare was also baptised in this church and a monument can be seen on the wall in his honour.

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