Shoot Your Own Panoramic Pictures


Some cameras, are panorama cameras. Other cameras, are wide angle cameras. These cameras, they can shoot very long pictures. But what if you only have a normal camera like Holga 135 or Holga135BC? Let me teach you HOW!

Credits: 86john

To shoot panoramic pictures with non-panoramic cameras, it is very easy actually. You can do this with cameras like Holga 135, Holga 135BC, Diana F+, Sprocket Rocket and so on. The concept is similar to multiple exposure, but the different is that you advance your film after the shoot. But of course, you might need to practice a few times before you know you camera.

Steps to shoot panoramic pictures with normal cameras:
1. Decide what you want to shoot.
2. Aim those sections in the viewfinder first.
3. Shoot your first picture.
4. Turn the film advance knob for about 2 to 4 turns. (e.g. for Holga 135, you push the part that you can see for 2 to 4 times)
5. Shoot your second pictures.
6. Turn the film advance knob for about 2 to 4 turn again and so on so forth until you have enough.

The following are some of the pictures that I have took:

Credits: 86john

Have fun trying!

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  1. stepi
    stepi ·

    my personal panoramic experiment:…

  2. stepi
    stepi ·

    edit: for this one I turned the film advance knob about 19-20 times per shot with my Holga.

  3. blu132
    blu132 ·

    A tripod helps there out a lot to line up the shots precisly. Great idea :)

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