An All Expenses Paid Adventure to NYC!


In April of 2010, I was given the chance to take an all expenses paid trip to NYC with my Art history class, one of my biggest lomo adventures to date.

In one of my last semesters of college, I was given the opportunity to go on a trip to NYC as part of my art history class. It was a huge surprise at the time, so it’s not like everyone raced to apply for the class. One day my teacher just popped up and said “Pack your bags kids, we are off to the concrete jungle!”

We were all so shocked. It turned out that my teacher, the head of the art history department, found out that the department had a lot of leftover money, and I mean A LOT! So she took our small class to NYC on an art adventure. While her heart was set on museums, mine was set on a lomo adventure, and it was one of my firsts.

I was still fairly new to lomography, so I didn’t know how to exercise a little caution with my little Diana camera. Far too many photos were nearly ruined because I didn’t check the N/B switch but because I’m growing as a lomographer, I have learned to love the little blurs in the photos. And eventually I caught on, and managed.

Before the trip, I never really cared about NYC. TV kinda made me a bit prejudiced to the big scary city and I have always considered myself a small town boy (I’m originally from Houston but after settling in a small East Texas town for school, I grew accustomed to the small town ways). However, my artist side remembered the bohemian lifestyle of so many famous artists, and I began to love the big city through my camera. I can’t wait to go back there again, especially knowing what I know now about lomography.

Go to NYC and love the city like I did.

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  1. kneehigh85
    kneehigh85 ·

    I'm off to NY in 5 days, so so excited x

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