Agfa CT Precisa: An Experimental First Look

For the first year into Lomography, I experimented mostly with the 35mm films found at my local Walgreens,
so when I finally thought my photography skills had improved enough, I bought a professional film loved by Lomographers. The Agfa CT Precisa!

As I said, this was mostly just an experimentation with this film, to get the handle on it so that the next time I buy it, I would know what to expect. So when I got to work, I ran a little wild taking pictures of anything I could to see how the colors in the film would react.

There wasn’t much to photograph that wasn’t green or blue in Nacogdoches, Texas when I used the film. There’s plenty of tall pine trees, and big blue skies and lots of concrete, so I stuck to my daily routine while shooting and this was the result.

What I learned from this film is that since it is a low ISO film, stick to sunny days, and mix it up with a flash. If you are looking for a film that gives you amazing blues, this is definitely the film for you. I was astounded at each frame with the color it gave me.

Lomo on!

written by jwhoa19 on 2011-08-02 #gear #blue #memories #film #review #colors #experiment #lomography #agfa-ct-precisa #user-review #requested

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