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We’ve got a brand spanking new feature for the LomoHomes for you guys to try out. You can now search users and see those who are available for film swaps and/or meet-ups!

Credits: dudizm

Ever been curious as to who are the Lomographers in your country or city? Wanted to try out film swap doubles but don’t know where to start? All those troubles are now a thing of the past as Lomography proudly introduces the Homes’ new feature.

Credits: milkie

A global list of Lomographers is now just a click away! Going overseas for work or vacation? Just use the handy filters to check out who among the community are living nearby. Want to create a Lomo-walk event locally or coordinate international film exchanges? Find out through the ‘All’ feature! All active users will be enabled for this by default so please check your account settings (edit in your Homes profile) to see if you’re listed. There you can also confirm your availability for film swaps and meet-ups!

Here’s a more detailed explanation for the two filters:

  • What is a film swap? A film swap is a great way to meet new friends! Contact a Lomographer you’re interested in doing doubles with, smooth out the details, send your exposed rolls and watch as awesomeness unfolds!
  • What is a meet-up? A meetup is your chance to meet other Lomographer, shoot, brainstorm projects, do film swaps, or just have fun together!

So go ahead and play around with it and enjoy! We’ll be planning a rumble in the near future involving this feature so make sure you’re listed and available for both film swaps and meet-ups.

written by cruzron on 2011-07-25 #news #country #new #lomohomes #meet #update #all #film-swamp


  1. lucretia
    lucretia ·

    Cool feature. But I have a question: How come I can't find myself while I do the search by country or by city? I have checked the box "I want to be in the public directory" and I have listed my Country and City.

  2. seethingsclear
    seethingsclear ·

    I chose Tunisia, and only my home turned up in the search.
    How sad !!

  3. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    I'm so available for film swap! :D

  4. moteviolence
    moteviolence ·

    I am the only person listed in allllll of Portlandia! Get on it, other Portlandians!

    I am so excited for this feature. I've been dreaming for something like this!

  5. amystars
    amystars ·

    Hi, have I missed something? I don't seem to be able to see the option where you can see who is available in your area?

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