Digital Analogue: Music Video Featuring Vintage Cameras and Camera Sounds

What do you get when you merge today’s advanced digital technology and the charm of analog cameras? An amazing and award-winning masterpiece!

Digital photography may be today’s “tool of the trade” for many, but the charm and qualities of analogue photography won’t be fading away anytime soon. An entry submitted to the New York Festivals for the Television – Music Video | Music Video: Low Budget category proves this by putting together analogue cameras, various camera sounds, and digital technology to create an amazing piece called Digital Analogue.

Prized analogue lovelies like the Mamiya C330 and some vintage accordion cameras are featured in the music video, which is done in stop motion animation. It used over 6,000 still photos wonderfully put together, and some delightful shutter sounds unique to analogue cameras. The masterpiece, created through the direction of Lu Sisi and photography of Gao Peng, enabled Glasgow School of Art to bag the Gold World Medal Award for this year’s competition.

Watch the award-winning Digital Analogue below:

Tam Nguyen Photography

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