Does It Get Any Hotter Than This? True Blood's Joe Manganiello Poses in GQ

American actor, Joe Manganiello sizzles in this summer-inspired fashion editorial for the July issue of GQ. But what the heck does that have to do with us here in Lomography? Well, continue reading after the jump to see how Joe and his sexy cohorts make an analogue camera look so damn sexy.

One of the stars of the hit vampire show (yes, another one), True Blood on HBO, Joe Manganiello is used to steamy scenes being constantly surrounded by equally attractive castmates. So to help gear up the regular man on the street to look their dapper best this summer season, Joe took on the task to model the “best” in men’s summer outfits all the way in Santorini – with two swimsuit models to boot.

And while we were ogling…I mean, perusing, his GQ spread, we chanced upon this:

Now that’s another way of taking analogue photography to the next level. But if taking pictures in the buff isn’t your thing, you can’t deny that this photo caught your attention, right?

Hopefully this taste of summer lovin’ got you a bit inspired not just to take your guy dressing up a notch but to take out your beloved film cameras and take loads of photos. If you’re interested in getting a camera like the one that the (naked) model is using here, check out our shop and get your snap-happy fix on.

Photos from: GQ Online


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