Foamlabbers as Lomo Amigos - #1 Rosa

Seven young photography fans in one creative team – meet our newest Amigo’s Foam Lab. All foamlabbers will be introduced as amigo’s in the next seven months. Starting with Rosa – enjoy the article!


Name: Rosa Ronsdorf
City: Amsterdam
Country: The Netherlands

Tell the community a little bit about yourself? What do you do for fun and is it the same thing you do for a living?
I am Rosa, 22 years old. With an exception of a few months in London I’ve lived my whole life in Amsterdam. I just finished my Bachelor in Cultural Studies. In my spare time I love to make so called ‘indie folk’ music with my band, Bird on the Wire. The band consists of three girls on organ, guitar, electric guitar, drums and glockenspiel. In the future we will also have a tuba player.

Bird on the Wire

There are loads of exciting things happening with Bird on the Wire, we are currently writing new songs and will start performing again in august. Follow us on

How did you end up becoming a Foamlabber and what is your experience so far?
Last year I ended up at a Foam Lab event under a bridge. It was at the after party of the Foam Lab Safari, and I enjoyed it so much that I decided to sign up for the next year. Foam Lab consists of seven people, all with a strong opinion about photography, museums and life. All those different points of view result in interesting and original projects.

Sander Polderman at Coup, the very first event of Foam Lab 2011

How long have you been a Lomographer or are you new to this whole thing.
The experience with the Lomo LC-A+ was totally new for me. In the past I used the Lomography Fisheye camera, but this was totally different. Sometimes I had no idea what would come out, because I used the MPX button a lot.

Sarah, Willem and Rosa

What does an average day of Rosa look like?
I have to say that every day is totally different. When it’s Wednesday or Thursday my day starts and ends with Foam Lab. At the moment we are busy preparing our next event: Flickr Op: Foam is your social network that will take place on august 26th. Other days I try to spend as much time as possible on my music: writing songs, rehearsing and performing. Also I’m visiting a lot of other gigs.

The week I had the Lomo LC-A+ with me, I was lucky enough to have a friend that organized a ‘Wild Street Parade’. With music, costumes and noise we celebrated the freedom of the arts by having a parade in Amsterdam.

Creating costumes for the Wilde Straat Parade
The Wilde Straat Parade

An average day in my life can also result into a lovely picnic in the Westerpark.

Picknicken with Sarah, picknick while biking, glitter shoes, in the Westerpark

You take excellent snapshots! How do you capture such snapshots and would you like to reveal your secret snapshot method?
I would say it’s important to take your camera with you, everywhere you go. You never know what you will bump into.

How did you like shooting with the Lomo LC-A+ and what did your friends and fans think about your analogue camera and photo’s?
The Lomo LC-A+ is a really nice camera. Pictures look very sharp and good, the colors are bright and beautiful and I really enjoyed the MPX button.

What was the strangest, funniest, or hands-down greatest photographic/Lomographic encounter you had while doing the series?
The MPX switch. You’ll get crazy images while shooting multiple exposures.

The multiple exposures

If you had to choose, which is your favorite photo form the selection and why?
The photo I took of my friend, Rosanne. She’s a very special performance artist and together with some other friends we form the collective ‘Oersoep’ that organizes parties, performances and other nonsense. The picture accidentally became a perfect album cover, if her album was released in the 1980s.


If your photo selection should have a soundtrack, what would it be? (3 songs title & artists please)

Bird on the Wire on stage

On this picture you can see Nina, who plays drums in the band, on stage at Oddstream festival. I would love to put the track Jesus Fever by Kurt Vile under this picture. The picture and song are both dealing with the same atmosphere: the nerves before a gig, in combination with a hot, sunny afternoon.

Wilde Straat Parade

On this picture you can see the Wild Street Parade dancing in Amsterdam. The total freedom of the parade is something you can find in the work of Captain Beefheart, this song in particular: Zig Zag Wanderer.


On this picture you can see my sister, who just arrived back from Paris. Me and my friends kidnapped her straight from the Thalys and brought her to a picnic at the Westerpark to hear all her stories. That night the park turned a little bit into the city I once hope to live in: Paris. I would choose the song La Javanaise by Serge Gainsbourg as a soundtrack for this picture. Although the song These Days by Nico would also suit perfectly.

What else is on the agenda for you? Anything you are looking forward to you would like to share?
This summer I will leave my hometown for a while. Armed with friends and a bike I will travel to Belgium to enjoy the music festival Dour, we will go camp in France and later on I will make a small road trip in Ireland. Also I will enjoy the Lowlands festival, together with my boyfriend, somewhere in august this summer.

Summer evening

Your advice to future Lomo LC-A+ shooters is?
Don’t forget to use the focus button and search for the sun!

Jerry in the trees

For more information about Foam Lab – go visit their eigen website, LomoHome and follow them via Facebook & Twitter.

More photos taken by Rosa:

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