LomoWalls of the Week

嘿嘿!週末愉快嗎?看看好東西振奮一下心情吧!我們為您帶來上一週全球最受歡迎的 LomoWalls !說不定你親手砌的那片牆已經出現在榜上了呢!別等了讓我們一同瞧瞧吧!

Horizont in red by atria007,

哇!我只能說觀眾們的喜好真是瞬息萬變!這一週是華麗俏皮的甜蜜女孩,再下一週可能就換成繽紛彩虹跟好動小貓!本週榜上無名,說不定下週就直衝榜首!誰說得準呢?總之先看看本週短短 7 天裡,全球人的口味落在什麼樣精彩的作品上!

Colour vs. Redscale by warrilow-tong,
ICEcold by jennson,
no puedo dormir y hago murales (2) by maryona,
Ego by barakalofi,
Let's jump by dakadev_pui,
Wall of Panorama by bkspicture,
Pont de Ferro by javihacefotos,
Just Shootin by suizidekid,
Urban tears by maximum_b,

written by cruzron on 2011-07-25 #news #lomowall #week #popular
translated by zanor

Thanks, Danke, Gracias


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