Want to know how to make a photogramm with heated kitchen utensils? Here’s some quick and dirty tips you can use to make your own!

Looking at Man Ray’s and Moholy Nagy László’s photogramms I began thinking how to make photogramms in a different way. I picked up a few waste ladles, meatcompilers, potatomashers, and cookie scoops from a factory that makes kitchen tools.

In a winter evening I set up the laboratory in the boiler room. I prepared many 18 × 24 cm black and white photopapers, a pair of fireproof gloves, and a pair of pliers so I could put the items in the stove. I turned the lights off and started to work in the dark. I opened the stove and put the items in the hot ember and then closed it. Meanwhile, I put the photopaper on a small table and covered it, to not be ruined by the light from the stove when I open its door. In the meantime, the ladle heated up so much it was glowing. With the pliers I carefully held it above the photopaper so the paper wouldn’t burn. As the ladle lit up the paper the shape of it was nicely visible. After developing the photo in my photolab, the kitchen utensils on the photogramms have greeted me with brown, black and greenish coloures. I called these photogramms pyrogramms because they were “painted” by fire.

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  1. lmmrrgn
    lmmrrgn ·

    im doing that as soon as someone will trust me with hot things -_-

  2. brendamanthe
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  3. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    fascinating! beautiful works!

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