Charmed by the Ruins


The now famous tourist attraction in Talisay City is the so-called The Ruins which is actually what is left of the Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson ancestral home.

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When the local tour guide, Roger started the talk about the site’s history, we knew we were on to a very interesting discovery. Built in the 1900s by sugar baron Don Mariano for his first wife Maria Braga – a Portuguese whom he met during his vacations in Hong Kong – the 903-sq. m. mansion was the largest residential building in the the area during its heyday.

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It was intentionally set on fire by the USAFFE (United States Armed Forces in the Far East) for fear that it might be used by the Japanese Imperial Army as a headquarter during World War II.

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The fire took three days to consume all the hard wood of the mansion. What survived the war and the passing of time were the stone skeletal structure and the four-tiered fountain at the front lawn of the mansion.

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Visitors are encouraged to visit the place most specially during sunset when the ruins would have its mystical glow (owing to the thousands of eggs used to erect the structure).

Credits: lakandula

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    I love ruins!!! and Maria Braga was a lucky lady...
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