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An exhibition of photographs by John ‘Hoppy’ Hopkins at Adam Street Gallery, London will open from Friday 29th July to Sunday 18th August.

Hoppy, Ringo, Lennon + McCartney via: Idea Generation Gallery

In 1959, at age 20, as part of the Cheltenham Youth Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, Hoppy drove a funeral hearse to Moscow to protest and against ‘the bomb’.

Hoppy, William Burroughs NY via: Idea Generation Gallery

Arriving in London on January 1st 1961, Hoppy worked as a news photographer for the Sunday Times, Melody Maker and Peace News. He captured shots of some of the greatest jazz legends including Dizzy Gillespie, Thelonious Monk and Duke Ellington. He also shot portraits of leading figures such as Malcolm X, Martin Luther King and Allen Ginsberg.

Hoppy, Coltrane via: Idea Generation Gallery

Hoppy co-founded the world famous International Times, an underground newspaper which featured Germaine Greer and William Burroughs as contributors. He also worked with Joe Boyd to create The UFO club, a Tottenham Court Road venue which opened with performances from Pink Floyd and later hosted bands like Procol Harum, Soft Machine and Jeff Beck.

Hoppy, Mick’s Ear via: Idea Generation Gallery

Hoppy’s new exhibition at Adam Street Gallery, London will essentially be a selection from his extensive archive, some of which has previously been exhibited at Idea Generation Gallery in 2009.

Hoppy, Lennon + Rickenbacker via: Idea Generation Gallery

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