All White and Bright: Diana F+ Flash White


I bought the Diana Mini White a few months ago. But the iconic Diana Silhouette would not be complete without the matching flash!

Around that time, the Diana F+ Flash White was still sold separately. The Team Manila stores I checked here in the Philippines carried the Diana Mini White, but not the white flash. It really boggled my mind that Lomography did not initially sell it as a set.

I was devastated at that time because I badly wanted a special edition Diana Mini, and the Diana Mini Wonderland Edition I was eyeing was unexpectedly sold out. The Diana Mini White was the next best thing for me. It retained the classic look of the Diana, but slightly offbeat because it’s as if the classic Diana’s been submerged in a bucket of white paint.

But it is absolutely not an option for me to buy the Diana Mini without the flash. Of course, I need flash, I don’t usually go out in the mornings. You could say I’m deprived of natural light. Also, I wanted the Diana Mini because I love how the flash looks exaggeratedly big as compared to the camera. Yes, I’m a design whore like that.

It’s a good thing they sold the white flash in the Lomo Asia online store. I also bought one for my friend, sontagbaby which looks perfect on her Snowcat Diana. So it’s actually not just for the Diana Mini white. I imagine it would also look great on the Sprocket Rocket White. Here are some sample pictures i got using my Sprocket Rocket and the Diana flash taken in low light situations. (I reserved use of my Diana Mini for a project that did not follow through)

My only complaint is that it’s easy to get scruffed up if you’re not real careful. Otherwise it’s still the same powerful Diana Flash we all know and love.

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  1. iamluisfernando
    iamluisfernando ·

    Hey, where'd you buy the white diana flash?

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